always finding new and better ways to procrastinate

i am somewhat baffled at myself. i have all kinds of things to do, and yet here i am, creating a blog for no apparent reason so that i can yammer on about the things i’m doing instead of the things i’m supposed to be doing.

i wonder how many people have blogs for just this reason.

i have no idea how people even find this thing to read it. maybe it is just for me. or for people i invite. or for people who google "vegan chai" and end up here. hi, people!

i’m going to go off and do some of the stuff i’ve been avoiding and think about what kinds of things i’d like to rant about here.



  1. Greetings
    Welcome to blogging. I am a newbie as well. I used to yammer on in my pregnancy journal and I figured, “Why not yammer on in a blog!” Hello! I am still trying to get used to writing again. I found your site by looking here
    it shows the updated blogs. Yes I have entirely too much time on my hands today viewing other blogs. 🙂
    Happy Blogging!

  2. welcome to blogland.
    I think of blogging more as a community thing…you know, you find some blogs you like, you frequent them, leave comments, etc, and then those folks frequent your blog, leave comments, etc. I’ve actually made a handful of really good “virtual” friends this way on another blog that I run, friends that I’ve had for *years*.
    As a fellow vegan and fellow professor, I’m looking forward to some vegan-oriented professor-ish posts here! 🙂

  3. thanks for the warm welcome, guys!
    i’ve seen you both at veganfreaks, too… hi, vegenaise! 😉 yay for fellow vegan professorhood!
    i’m starting to get the hang of blogging, i think… i still need to spend some time with the user manual, though. heh. i promise i’ll try to be entertaining now that i know people are actually poking their heads in here!

  4. Just thought I’d also welcome you to the blogosphere! (From another fellow vegan professor who happens to be married to the other vegan professor named after vegan mayo.) And it is a great way to procrastinate, especially if you don’t feel like grading papers!

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