what is the universe trying to tell me?

i am one of those people who lucks out a lot. i applied to one master’s program and got in. i got into my first choice for "phd school." after i was finished there, two jobs magically became available in my hometown, and the job descriptions magically fit my husband’s and my areas of expertise. it was my first job interview (my husband got a bunch), and we got the jobs. we found an amazing house when we weren’t even looking for a house. we find the most kickass animals to adopt. seriously, sometimes i feel guilty… almost like a fraud. lovely things have happened to me, especially when i’m super-stressed or when i feel it "really counts."

not lately. it’s like i can’t get a break all of a sudden. last wednesday i had to attend approximately 3 hours’ worth of faculty meetings. at the stroke of 2pm i had to run out of the meeting and straight to my car so i could get to my haircut in time. as i got close to my car, i noticed that the parking checker was handing out tickets. grrrrr. he was almost at my car, and my husband’s car was parked 2 in front of mine. i decided to take the opportunity to move his car so that we only had to pay the $20 for my ticket. i really, seriously, and truly hate parking tickets.

then, when i made it to the salon–just in the nick of time–i learned that my dear sweet friend who also cuts my hair sprained her ankle that morning, and all of her appointments for the day were cancelled. i had somehow missed the messages they left for me at home and at work. excellent.

ever since, it seems like my days are plagued with obstacles. i try very hard not to hold grudges (very unlike the way i lived as a teenager), so i am hard-pressed to remember all of the examples of how crazy my life has been in the past week, but you’ll have to just trust me on this.

today was supposed to be my new appointment, but poor amy isn’t better yet so that got cancelled too. okay. i rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. keep your fingers crossed. of course, i tried to go to yoga tonight and when i arrived there was a sign on the door saying the class had been cancelled. honestly. i went home, ate 3 double-stuf oreos frosted with peanut butter, and now i’m back at work trying to salvage a bit of productivity from this day.


  1. ewwww. faculty meetings. I have to go to these too, and they’re pretty similar to what I imagine a frontal lobotomy to be like. 90 minutes of my life, wasted….
    As for luck, I think things come in cycles. I have really lucky days and really crappy days, but more often than not, they balance out. hope they do for you too.

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