still figuring it out

i’m still not really sure what i’m doing here, but i see i have a reader! hello, VeganMomma! 🙂 one day i will figure out how to make comments and fancy links on the side of my page and everything. alas, today is not that day.

i have discovered two new vegan treats this week. one is soy delicious ice cream, which i have had before, but never in this flavor: purely vanilla. i am usually a chocolate girl, but my sister bought me a pint of purely vanilla so i could have yummy dessert all for myself at a big family gathering, and it was *awesome.* she also bought me hershey’s special dark syrup to drizzle over the top. i love her.

the other new treat is the "lemony lemon" cookie from sun flour baking company. i just finished eating it 4 minutes ago and it was taaaasty. very moist and the perfect amount of sweetness. they also make a cinnamon twist flavor (and a bunch of others!), which i shall now make it my mission to hunt down and devour on sight.

today i think i’m going to actually (really and truly!) get my hair cut. wish me luck.



  1. Hi Vegan Chai!
    Soy Delicious makes good ice cream. I am more of a savory gal myself but oh there ice cream is so good! I never liked the regular ice cream. Those lemon cookies sound good. I am baking chocolate chip cookies tonight for my daughter it’s another girl’s night watching veggie tales. I watch too much veggie tales!
    Good luck with the hair cut! :)I had all; ok the majority, of my hair chopped off last year. It grows so quickly and I wanted a change.

  2. vegan ice cream is so much better than I ever imagined it would be. like veganmomma, I’m a savory person myself, but when I’m jonesin’ for a sweet fix, soy delicious strawberry flavor just completely floats my boat!

  3. mmmm, i’ll have to make a mental note to try the strawberry. so far i’ve only had chocolate velvet, peanut butter zigzag, and the newly-discovered purely vanilla. like you said, it’s so much better than i had feared. 🙂

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