nope, universe still irked with me

well, i was feeling quite guilty about my whiny post the other day… i mean seriously, could i find more baby-style crap to complain about? and besides, things seemed to be looking up. i actually made it to the salon yesterday, and the delightful (hobbled) amy cut my hair, and, well, yay!

but then last night, bad things happened. my husband’s car was broken into (window smashed) and the stereo was stolen. this occured a block from campus, in a ritzy neighborhood, before 10.15pm. we are beyond furious. that’ll teach us to work late nights in anticipation of maybe getting tenure! dammit.

in a totally different realm of badness, judd was ditched off american idol last night for no other reason than to make me sad. poor judd.

happier news: my grad students are cute. we have "treats" in class each week and several of them who are hip to my veganism try to bring tasty goodies for me. awwwwww.

oh! and even happier news! i finally located follow your heart vegan gourmet cheese in my town. i have heard many awesome things about this cheese, but i couldn’t find it anywhere, and yesterday stumbled across it in a teeny natural foods co-op. hooray! i bought monterey jack and cheddar; now i just have to decide their destiny.


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