bloggers are friendly

as you know, i totally stumbled into blogging, but i am so tickled by the warm reception from other bloggers. i love you people! whee!

and in other exciting news, you can actually find this blog by googling "vegan chai" now. you couldn’t when i first suggested that, but now, magically, you can. i have no idea how any of this works. i sound like such an idiot.


  1. You sound like someone who is enjoying blogging. That is fantastic!
    Hey good for you, now Vegan Chai will show up for anyone who types that in. I imagine it will show up under chai as well, although you might not appear as a top hit! 😉 Chai is good! I first had it in 1997. My friend/neighbor from Kenya made some for me. It had some herbs (fenugreek, goats rue, & marshmallow root) in it that were good for lactating mothers. She was nursing at the time. She made a version later that contained alcohol and I tentatively tried it. She said they made it that with alcohol, as well, in Kenya.
    I had Glogg when I was in Sweden.
    I occasionally stray off topic in my response. 😉
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Bloggers can be friendly people, but be careful with that blog at work….some students found mine, and it caused some significant problems for me at the U because of some of my “controversial” opinions.
    So yeah, bloggers rock, but people who “spy” on your blog really suck.

  3. Yeah, just be careful what you write about work. (And politics can get you in trouble too.) Thus we use psedonyms instead of real names. But, it really is your choice and depends on how you want to use your blog.

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