little things make me happy

i work in my office a lot. wait, let me rephrase: i spend a lot of time in my office. i am here to work, but often, due to paralyzing fear of failure and/or writer’s block and/or interest in random other things, i don’t get a lot of work done. anway.

because i’m more of a night person than a morning person, i am often here when it’s relatively quiet. sometimes i hear someone walk down the hallway, then stop in front of my door and stand there for awhile. while under some circumstances that might be reeeally creepy, i really get excited when that happens, because it means they’re Reading My Door. i don’t have much on there, actually…

  • PeTA’s "i am not a nugget" chick (colored in with markers! fancy!)
  • a poster from the humane society about domestic violence against animals
  • a bumper sticker that says "ignorance is not bliss:"

so, as college professors’ doors go, mine is maybe even a little sparse. but i get so happy when i hear someone stop, stand there, read, hopefully think a little bit, and eventually wander onward. i know, i’m a dork. but part of me feels like i’m making someone think, and i love that.



  1. I, too, enjoy seeing the shadow of shoes under my door at the office. I also have some funky vegan stuff on my door, plus cartoons protesting free trade and a postcard advertising the new book “Carbophobia” by Greger. Still, I never worry about what’s on my door as most people at work think I’m a complete freak.

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