the great pseudonym dilemma

it’s ridiculous how much i’m thinking about this. song titles, streets i’ve lived on, childhood pets, favorite candy bar, obscure names for common things… this is craziness. i just want a cool alias, is that so much to ask?

right now i’m looking at a "short list" of sorts, but i’m not confident that i won’t still add to it. the finalists at the moment are:

  • willoughby (the dorm i lived in during study abroad)
  • thistle (one of my favorite flowers)
  • kerbey lane (one of my favorite restaurants in a previous town)
  • girl least likely to (a morrissey song i have always liked)

i have dumped "korintje" (a type of cinnamon–my favorite spice) because i have no idea how to pronounce it and it looks a little pretentious.  i have also dumped about a billion others because they are just too dumb. i’m still not even sure that thistle deserves to be on my short list, but i just really like that stupid flower. at the moment it’s a dead heat between willoughby and girl least likely to, with the teensiest edge going to the girl.



  1. I was just getting used to bluedawg. How about Kerbey “Blue Dawg” Lane?
    You never struck me as the “girl least likely to” although it’s a fascinating moniker.

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