holy cow do i ever hate grading

i am buried under a pile of work right now and i am having a hard time bringing myself to do any of it. i was on three comps committees this week, which meant i had to read their answers, come up with good questions to ask about their answers, and then attend the oral defenses. thankfully, that is over now and i can feel like i accomplished something, at least.

but whoa, do i ever have a massive pile of other stuff. fourteen grad student papers. seventeen undergrad papers, which, oddly enough, i have to read in electronic format and give feedback that way (it’s my first online class). thirty-three conference papers (i’m a reader for a national conference) due by sunday. i’m giving an exam to my grad students tomorrow, which means another fourteen papers to read. please lord make it stop.

i hate grading so much. i jokingly call it "grating" instead, because that pretty much sums it up. i tend to get mired down in teeny tiny details and it can easily take me an hour to read one paper. i have strong editing tendencies and i find it hard to let the little stuff go, but then i get so focused on the little stuff that i realize i’ve stopped paying attention to the big stuff and then  have to read it over again. hate.

sometimes i have to question the intelligence of becoming a professor when i hate grading this much.



  1. So if I have this right … you are a prof who doesn’t like grading and a vegan who doesn’t like oats, eggplant, raw tomatoes, and mushrooms.
    I am so intrigued by these revelations.

  2. Grading is the absolutely worse part about being a professor. Ok, one of the worst parts (faculty meetings usually aren’t fun either). I swear the papers multiply as they sit there in their piles. I have massive amounts of grading waiting for me this weekend as well, but not quite the stack you have. I always put it off until the absolute last minute because I dread it so badly.

  3. i’m so glad to hear that i’m not alone! and i’m so sorry y’all have piles of grading too. yuck. i’ve made it through my grad papers and am more than halfway through my undergrad papers, but i’m going to have to really kick it in the ass soon, because i have to read 33 convention papers (and rank them) by tomorrow. yikes.

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