to dog or not to dog, that is the question

we are trying to decide whether we should adopt a dog and it is driving us slowly out of our minds. we have two cats, and we loooove them. absolutely over the moon in love with them. we both grew up with dogs, and i had always envisioned myself having a dog "when i grow up," and because i am exposed to dogs on a weekly basis (at the humane society), i am in the odd position of constantly looking at dogs that could possibly be mine.

we fell in love with a dog a couple of months ago (she was at the shelter for many weeks and i loved her more each time i saw her), but when it came time to make the final decision, i kind of freaked out and decided to err on the side of caution. i thought it would be better to regret not having her than to regret adopting her, and have to take her back. of course, as soon as she was adopted by someone else, i felt like a total idiot and i wished i could do it over again and i kept hoping her new parents would bring her back. i’m a moron.

i am a classic over-analyzer, and this dog thing is just craziness. i just can’t figure out if we have "a dog lifestyle;" if having a dog would be 30 times more difficult than having cats; if it would be more stressful than fun, or more fun than stressful. all i know is, we do like dogs. but does that mean we should *get* a dog? sigh. argh.

there is a particular dog we have in mind at the moment… she lives in a foster situation right now with another dog, and with two ferrets, and has lived with a cat. her temperament seems absolutely ideal, and she is a cutie-pie. she is housebroken, crate-trained, polite, and happy. she has been described as "the closest thing to a perfect dog." of course, she lives over an hour away, so we haven’t actually met her yet, but i’m as interested as i possibly could be based on webpage descriptions and emails. i just keep coming back to the same old question: just because i love dogs doesn’t mean i should have a dog, or does it?

expect more entries on this topic.



  1. Get the dog! Feed it vegan dog food (evolution brand!), love it, and it’ll love you back. You deserve the dog, and the dog deserves you.
    Dogs *are* more work than cats, but that work is amply rewarded by their companionship. Given time, the cats and the dog will work out their pack situation (usually meaning that the cats rule over the dog, but that’s what you want, I think).
    A one-hour drive to actually meet the dog isn’t a huge investment either. Why over-analyze what it seems like you really want? šŸ˜‰

  2. I am also famous for overanalyzing. I never grew up with dogs, but always wanted one someday. I was always a cat person and we’ve had a cat for the past 8 years. So when we finally got our own house, vegenaise started bugging me for a dog. It took him a long time to convince me – I was extremely worried about how the cat would react (since he absolutely hated other cats) and kept trying to figure out how it would work. V finally took me to see some puppies one day, and that was it.
    Dogs are a lot more work than cats, although if you adopt an older one, they’ll be less work, I would imagine. Also if you don’t get a high-energy breed like we have (a lab) that also cuts down on the work (like having to watch and make sure he/she’s not eating the furniture). Btw our cat pretends to hate the dog, but is still very curious about him and makes sure he knows who rules the roost. They work it out.

  3. ” … so we haven’t actually met her yet, but i’m as interested as i possibly could be based on webpage descriptions and emails.”
    If I were to describe myself on the internet, I too would claim to be even housebroken, polite, and happy. In addition, I would be 6 feet tall and still have luxurious thick hair that never sheds. Not that I’m up for adoption, mind you.
    I wish I had a dog myself. I have a fenced yard and full time playmates for the dog. Alas under the “happy wife/happy life” theory of living, now is not the time for a dog.

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