shut up, wild kingdom

i fake-TiVo’d (hereafter referred to as FiVo) an episode of mutual of omaha’s wild kingdom a week or so ago. i had been really looking forward to it, because they were going to showcase the story of that super-cool lioness that likes to adopt baby oryxes. oryxi. whatever. the cute little antelope thingies.

i first heard about the lioness after the tsunami, when the just-as-awesome story of the baby hippo who adopted the old man tortoise as his "mama" hit the news. i was looking everywhere for stories about owen (the hippo), and somewhere, some news story linked to this other story about the lioness. the stories i read at the time said that she was on her third adoption, but in searching for stories to link here, i discovered that she has now adopted at least five.

ANYway, i was totally fascinated by this story, and was really excited that there would be an hour-long special about her. i FiVo’d it and then waited until i had some real quality time to watch. that happened yesterday. yay!

but not yay. within the first 8 minutes of the episode, i was treated to lots of footage of lions chasing all kinds of prey, with a special focus on antelope-types. i got to see a lion drag a zebra backward into a bush, and i got to see lots of bloody-faced lions eating who knows what.  then, within the first 26 minutes, i got to see footage of lions actually chasing and killing several different antelopes. awesome!!! seriously, who the hell do they think tuned in for this show? people who hate antelopes, or people who want to see a heartwarming story about a lion who DOES NOT eat antelopes?

it was like they had to beat us over the head with the reminder that, hey kids! lions normally eat these things! don’t forget!

i deleted the show before i even got halfway through. here’s the most current version i can find of her story, which apparently is three years old, so i don’t know what rock i’ve been hiding under. anyway, shut up, wild kingdom. seriously.


One comment

  1. I hate that about those shows. I find it fascinating to watch zebras or wildabeests or whatever migrate, or whatever it is that they do, but they always have to show them being hunted, or like the baby wildabeest who gets caught in a current when they’re crossing a river. Yeah, yeah, it’s nature and all, but I don’t want to cry when I watch these things.

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