next up: home visit

we’ve decided to have the doggie up to our house and see how it goes. since she’s so far away and there are scheduling issues to deal with, the visit won’t take place until next weekend. basically, she will come up for a several-hour visit, we will let the cats pretty much do as they please, and as long as she doesn’t do anything scary or disturbing, we’ll be hanging onto her for awhile.

this is technically going to be a foster situation, which really appeals to me. i truly appreciate the opportunity. this way we’ll get a chance to see what she’s like as a member of our family; see how she handles the kitties and how they handle her, give her a chance to settle into some kind of routine with us, all that good stuff. i really like the idea of having an extended chance to get to know her without the pressure of making The Decision hanging immediately over our heads.

during this week we’ll basically just be preparing for her arrival! we’ll set up the crate so the cats can get used to seeing it, buy a few baby gates, and get her some food and some toys. i’m telling myself that it’s as simple as dog-sitting, with possible awesome benefits.


One comment

  1. This sounds great, but I wouldn’t immediately expect the cats and dog to get along, especially if the cats haven’t been around a dog before. Developing the hierarchy between the dog and cats can take some time (and of course, the cats should be at the top of that hierarchy). As long as the dog isn’t violent towards the cats, I’d give it time, and not throw in the towel too soon. Our cat still doesn’t really like our dog all that much (even after 2 years), but they’ve worked out a sensible scenario for living together. The cat basically rules the house, and it is funny to watch a 18-pound cat bully an 80-pound dog, but it works…
    good luck!

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