i met lisa loeb

a couple of weeks ago i got to see lisa loeb perform in a teeny venue here in town, and i was over-the-moon excited about it. i have wanted to see her many times before, in two different cities, and it just never worked out. last year i missed her show here because no one was particularly interested in going with me, and when i whined about it afterwards, one of my grad students said, "i love lisa loeb! i would have gone with you!" so, this year we went together. yay!

the show was really really great. we arrived during the opening act (service at dinner was a little slow) so we got there after the seats filled up, but we were able to stand pretty close to the front and we had a nice little counter to lean on. she sounded amazing, and she is absolutely adorable in person. her skin is flawless. it’s completely ridiculous. she sang a lot more old material than i was expecting, which was a nice surprise. i was particularly blown away when she sang "sandalwood," because i always think of that as The Really Obscure Song That I Love So Much, and i almost welled up when she sang that one. heh. dorky, i know.

lisa loeb gets 147 cool points from me for booking a non-smoking show. they had a little announcement before she came on to remind us that there would be no smoking, and to please turn off cell phones. i swooned. in a crazy moment i thought about writing a letter to the trashcan sinatras (playing at the same venue next month) to see if they’d be willing to do the same. there was just such a cool vibe in there; it was a great concert. she took requests! i don’t think i’ve ever been at a concert where they took requests. lots of fun.

sad part of the evening: when she mentioned having seared tuna for dinner. i’d seen people arguing recently (in various online places) about whether she is still a vegetarian or not. oh well, now we know.

when she was about to sing her last song, she said that she’d be signing stuff in the back after the show. i really didn’t expect that! i didn’t have anything with me for her to sign, but my concert buddy decided to buy her children’s CD so we stood in line with that. we were at the very end of the line for a long time, and ended up striking up a conversation with the sound guy, who was super nice. he gave me the (not-totally-accurate-due-to-requests) set list as a "reward" for being last in line.

when it was our turn she signed the set list for me. i couldn’t get over how cute she is, close up. i think i always assume that everyone is beautiful in their pictures, but when you see them close up you’ll realize what bad skin they have or something. not lisa loeb. cutey mcprecious. she was nice and cordial but not overly effusive. i think she was getting a little sick of being there, which is allowed. anyway, i am *very* easily star-struck, so i thought the whole thing was rather exciting.



  1. mellie, i’m glad you found the blog, and you obviously have fantastic taste in music! πŸ™‚
    i’m sorry if that mention of her dinner seemed bizarre you; but i do want to be sure to clarify that i wasn’t saying that i “hold it against her” or that i “like her less now” or anything of the sort. as you pointed out, veganism is pretty much a compassion gig, and there is no reason for me to stop liking lisa loeb just because she’s not a vegetarian anymore. i merely mentioned it because veganism is a big deal to me, and i’d heard conflicting reports about lisa’s diet lately, and i figured her comment pretty much summed up the current state of things.
    a lot of my posts here center around animal things, so like you said, maybe without the total context my comment sounds more weirdo than it would with all the other posts surrounding it. for what it’s worth, i’m the only vegan i know in real life, and i still love all of my family and friends a whole bunch. πŸ™‚ no demerits for tuna dinner. of course, i’d be lying if i said i didn’t wish more people saw things like i did, but that doesn’t mean i don’t still have warm feelings and compassion and love for people that don’t. i hope that makes sense.
    and i hope you get your CD back!

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