desperate housewives

as a lovely tie-in to my recent post on leather interiors, gabrielle puked all over the interior of a new porsche this week on desperate housewives. she slid into the driver’s seat, starting making sniffy faces, and upon being told that the interior was "100% italian calf," she barfed. it was so awesome. of course, she didn’t vomit for the same reason i would have (spoiler alert! she’s pregnant)… but still, i loved it just the same.


One comment

  1. Oh wow your post sure brought back memories. When I was pregnant if I was around anything that had was part of an animal, leather, food, etc., I would get sick. I never threw up but I wish I had at times. It was a nightmare being at work. I was surrounded by offices with leather interior, people eating food in their offices, gah! I kept my diffuser running all day. The main essential oils I would add to it were lavender and ginger. They were lifesavers during office hours throughout my pregnancy.

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