making friends with oatmeal

i really am not a fan of the oat. this much is crystal clear. i hate oatmeal, even though i keep trying it. now, pleather is trying to convert me by making suggestions about newer, better oatmeal… but i haven’t yet bought that fancy box-o-kashi. i know i will; it’s only a matter of time.

in any case, last week one of my grad students brought treats for class (we rotate this "duty" each week), and she had been talking all semester about how she had this great vegan friend who was going to give her these fantastic recipes so she could bring vegan brownies or something. i thought that was so incredibly sweet, and i was really excited.

i got to class that day and she said, somewhat nervously, "um, do you like oatmeal?" and immediately my heart sank a little. i gamely said, "hee. why?" and she explained that she brought oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, with vegan chocolate chips, egg replacer, the whole nine yards. i didn’t know what to do. poor girl. poor me. i admitted that i am not a fan of oats, but that on this day, i will LOVE oats and i will eat all the cookies!

she was so cute about it, and i felt awful. anyway, i ate a cookie (with a rapt audience, no less), and it wasn’t bad. i even went back for another one, with much fanfare. yay, i tried! even better, the whole class really loved them–mmmm, vegan cookies being consumed by the general public! it’s my turn to bring treats next week, and i will be working my hardest to prepare something absolutely scrumptious.


One comment

  1. Step one toward liking the oat! It was very nice of your student to make vegan cookies and for you to try them. It could be a good sign.
    Mmm – chocolate chip oatmeal cookies sound pretty good about now. If you ever need a scrumptious vegan chocolate cake recipe I know a good one (from one of the Moosewood books) that everyone always loves.

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