teeny tiny activism

as i recently mentioned, i am sort of a chicken when it comes to "activism." i have never been to a demonstration, i don’t yell at people wearing fur coats (although i’m pretty good at snide under-the-breath comments), and i’m too shy to even go to a vegan potluck in my town. but, as i also recently mentioned, i kind of pride myself on doing the little things, and i hope that they pay off in their own way.

i have recently had two of my grad students approach me (separately), wanting to learn more about the animals-for-food industry, and how to potentially phase out meat and maybe other animal products. i am super excited about this. i’m trying to play it cool, of course, but honestly, you’d think i’m earning a gold star somewhere in heaven, i’m so happy.

another "little thing" i’ve just done is buy a license plate frame from farm sanctuary that says GO VEGAN! i was contemplating a vanity plate, but i am loathe to pay the $45/year it would cost to have personalized plates, and i am also a little weirded out by having a "non-anonymous" car. one of my pals at vegan represent mentioned this idea, and i jumped all over it. my little frame arrived on saturday and i put it on my car right away. i love it!

i also recently had a rubber stamp made that says "go vegan!" (again, at the suggestion of my vegan represent buddy)… i’m planning to stamp my bills and other random correspondence. mail sees a lot of people, that’s my thinking. 🙂 i’m pretty sure the girl who took my order thought i was a bit of a kook, but she was nice about it.

a month or so ago, i applied for a farm sanctuary mastercard. i got the style with the cute cow on it. i love using it, because people always comment on it, and a few have asked me about farm sanctuary. it just makes me happy to get the name "out there" and maybe give them some exposure they wouldn’t have otherwise had.



  1. You are doing a lot. I always have thought you can influence more people by a gentle approach then “in your face tactics”. Although that approach might work for some the majority of the people do not like being forced into a way of thinking.
    I love the license plate frame, ‘go vegan’ stamp, and the mastercard approach to spread the Vegan word. I have been thinking of getting the personalized nameplate but I hesitate since I won’t have “non-anonymous” car anymore.

  2. hey sweetie — have we talked about farm sanctuary? my friend lauralei and her family go at least once a year. i can’t believe we lived 35 minutes away from there for 3 years and didn’t know about it! maybe we can go there with mer & symma & marina when they’re a little older!

  3. Hi! I found your blog from one of your comments on vegan momma’s blog. I like your gentle approach to activism and i am the same way. I try to do subtle things like having people try foods like tofu or any vegan recipe. I even just try to encourage people to eat more veggies and fruits, so that maybe it will at least replace some of the meat they were intending to eat later. Even just talking about it seems to get some people thinking!

  4. See, this is why I love blogs! And bloggers! Especially vegan bloggers! I have to have that license plate holder. My other half is always poking at me about how I’m giving the car dealership free advertising… Well, no more! Thanks for the linky!

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