restaurants are great lately

i have had several really good vegan meals at regular ol’ restaurants in the past week or so, and it makes me happy.

noodles & co. is wonderfully accommodating. they will keep the cream out of their sauces if you ask, and play the "hold the ___ but can i have ___?" game to a ridiculous extent. one of my favorite things is the pasta fresca, hold the tomato/cheese, please add tofu, red bell peppers, and snap peas. mmmmmmm. the other thing i get quite often is the pesto cavatappi, hold the cream/cheese/mushrooms, please add tofu. and sometimes snap peas. snap peas are great with everything!

i went to a local coffee shop the other day and had their "veggie hummus delight" sandwich, and it was awesome. big crusty bread with hummus, shredded carrots, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, red onion, and i dropped the tomato and asked for avocado instead. super yum.

recently i visited a cute italian place near campus that i don’t get to nearly often enough, and ordered their TB&G (tomato, basil, garlic). it was so good i even ate all the tomatoes, which is pretty impressive, considering i don’t like ’em.


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