annoying discovery of the day

bath & body works liquid antibacterial soap has gelatin in it. gelatin! what the hell for? i’m very cranky right now. guess what else? it has lactose! does someone expect me to make a jello/dairy dessert out of my hand soap? sigh.

i am rather particular about my beauty products, so now i have to start a new search. i believe there are some versions of their soap that don’t have gelatin, but i’m pretty sure they all have lactose. i’ll have to spend a little time reading labels the next time i’m there.

i really like liquid soap (bar soaps, while always tempting, keep me away with their slime potential), and these were really nice. you know, until i learned about the icky-poo ingredients.



  1. Oh that is too bad. 😦
    The gelatin gives it a thicker consistency otherwise it would be could possibly be too liquidy. They could have used xanthum gum or guar gum both are wonderful Vegan substitutes. 😉 I use them all the time.
    Lactose is used because it can aid in softening the skin. However all soaps do not contain lactose. I make hard process, cold process, and liquid soaps. My favorite are the hot process soaps.

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