oh. my. ICE CREAM.

i apologize in advance that only a few of you will even be able to judge this for yourself, but holy cow have i found some awesome vegan ice cream.

chicago soydairy makes this fantastic stuff called temptation, and like, good name, because it is incredibly delicious and i am tempted to eat way too much of it every time i open the big ol’ bucket i have in my freezer. i have tried the chocolate chip cookie dough and the mint chocolate chip already, and they are both incredible. they also have chocolate (next on my list), vanilla, and peach cobbler varieties.

right now they are only available in illinois, indiana, and wisconsin, but my understanding is that they are trying to expand–so request this stuff at your local hippie grocery store! you will thank me.



  1. Well, thanks for making me drool for nothing!!!!! 🙂
    *Sigh* As I’m stuck on the East Coast, I’ll just have to make do with Soy Delicious and Tofutti!

  2. i’m sorry, little kittens. they do have a little blurb buried on their website that says they have “permission” or something to start offering to a wider variety of states… so really, ask your favorite grocery about it! maybe you’ll get lucky!

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