all martinis aside

a year or so ago, my dad got drunk on chocolate martinis (being endlessly refilled by a nefarious cousin) and in his amusing stupor he attempted a soliloquy about how much he adored his sons-in-law (my husband and my sister’s husband). because there were other people in the room also falling prey to this nefarious cousin, there was a whole lot of interrupting going on, but my dad kept trying. he kept saying, over and over and over, "all martinis aside," which was basically his intoxicated version of "in all seriousness," but kept getting cut off. in fact, at some point just saying "all martinis aside!" became funny in and of itself, so the interruptions were just people saying that back to him. anyhow, when the poor man finally got to say (paraphrase coming up!) "all martinis aside, blah blah blah blah i love my sons-in-law so much, they are the greatest ever," it sobered up the room a little. my dad is sweet. anyway, "all martinis aside" is now our code for, "but seriously," and it also always reminds me of how awesome my husband and brother-in-law are.

i swear you will understand why i’m telling you this in a minute. this phrase jumped into my mind because what i’m about to tell you is: (a) not typical for my posts, and (b) about my great husband.

this is the kind of thing that doesn’t really seem like it should be a blog entry, but at the same time, i would feel strange just moving on with a new entry if i didn’t acknowledge that this happened, so here goes:

my husband was hit by a truck two days ago while riding his bike. he is okay, but i think it was one of the scariest phone calls i have ever gotten (ranks right up there with "your [ridiculously healthy] father is in the hospital and will be having a heart procedure first thing in the morning"). even after i saw the hubby, and saw that he was okay, and even after i went with him to the doctor and was told that he was okay, i still had a stomach ache all day and all night and i had trouble sleeping. it was awful.

he didn’t even break anything, and now that we’ve looked at the bike and realized that he was hit right in the center of the frame, we know just how grateful we should be. he has a lot of bruises and a gigantic contusion/hematoma/icky thing on his upper thigh (which the doctor said will probably hurt for a month!), but other than that he is in one piece and safe.

his bike, a brand new fixed-gear bike that he had built from scratch all by himself, is trashed. the guy ran over it twice… once when he hit my husband, and then again when he pulled over. it was the first day my husband even got to ride it. poor kiddo. i won’t get into the bikey details but let it suffice to say that a lot of sweat equity and bike nerdery went into that thing. i just feel so sad for him.

so, not to get all sappy on you… but all martinis aside, please go hug someone and tell them you love them.



  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s accident! I’m glad to hear he is okay, though. It is always horrible when the ones you love are hurt. I hope you’re doing better now too.
    That’s one of the horrible worries about being a cyclist – stupid drivers. Grr. They make me so angry.

  2. i’m also sorry to hear about the accident. I’m not callous, but to be honest (as a former competitive cyclist) the whole bike damage description actually hurt more than the physical ailments listed (once you said he was okay, of course!).
    Nevertheless, I’m glad he’s okay, and nerdiness aside, bikes can be replaced, life can’t be, so in the end, this came out well, especially considering how dangerous it can be to collide with thousands of pounds of steel.

  3. it’s been 8 days now and he’s doing better. he’s still very sore, but he can sleep through the night now and his bruises are turning that delightful shade of yellow in spots. πŸ˜‰
    the guy, who promised to pay for his bike if we went through him and not his insurance, is not returning our phone calls. asshat. so, hubby will be going through his insurance after all, and we’ll just hope for the best.
    thank you for asking!

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