farm sanctuary walk

i learned about a month ago that farm sanctuary has an annual walk for farm animals. they have evidently had walks in my city before, but i never knew. curses! i am very interested in walking this year… i’ve never done a charity walk before, but i think this is an excellent cause and i’m actually pretty excited about it.

the money raised from the walks helps fund farm sanctuary’s many protection campaigns, as well as their rescue program. the cost is only $10 to register as a walker, and anyone who sponsors you for $20 (or more) is entitled to a farm sanctuary membership and newsletter subscription. and you get a free shirt! woo! (farm sanctuary asks that you register at least three weeks before your walk date in order to ensure that you get a t-shirt.)

at the time of this writing, there are cities from 26 US states on the location list (some states with several cities participating!) and also four canadian cities. the walks are being held on saturdays and sundays from mid-september to mid-october, so check this page to see if your city has a walk already set up. if your town is NOT on the list but you’d like to get one organized, just go here and set things in motion!

please consider walking or sponsoring a walker this year. if you can’t participate in the walk, and you don’t know anyone who is walking, you might consider registering as a walker with your donation. that way you still get a nifty shirt out of the deal to show off around town. farm sanctuary is one of the greatest animal organizations out there, in my opinion. they truly deserve our enthusiasm and our support.


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