i found these waffles quite by accident. they were sitting out in a "help yourself" product demo one saturday when i was at the co-op. i looked at the box and i was all, "i don’t want any science waffles!" i mean, honestly, look at that box. lifestream soy plus waffles with isoflavones and all kinds of other odd text. science waffles!

but then i read more closely and saw that they were vegan. i was intrigued. i didn’t know there were eggless waffles out there. so, before i knew it, i was jamming one in my mouth. well, not a whole waffle, you understand–they were cut up into bitey bits.

it was so, so, so good. i mean, literally the best waffle i’ve ever eaten. i’m not technically a waffle connoisseur or whatever, so i guess take it for what it’s worth, but i thought it was delicious. it was slightly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, and best of all, it tasted like cinnamon! i really love cinnamon, so that was a pleasant surprise.

i put two boxes in my cart right away and chuckled to myself at how well their little scheme worked. then i stole another piece.

i found these very early on in my switch to veganism, and i was so excited about them. there is always at least one box of them in my freezer nowadays. as for serving suggestions: i have never sullied these waffles with syrup. i either eat them plain, or i put some peanut butter on them. they rock.



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