vegan blush brushes

i recently posted about some makeup-related stuff over on vegan represent, and it occurred to me that this was a bloggable topic. so, here you go:

several years back (probably 7 or 8 years ago), i spent a kabillion dollars buying all the "best" makeup brushes from prescriptives. almost all of them have animal hair, which, at the time, i was very misguided about (i didn’t realize the connection to cruelty as i do today). i was told that animal fibers were superior to the rest, and i forked over the cash.

since then i have really streamlined my makeup routine (i guess that’s a euphemism for "i don’t wear much"), and i only use one brush–for powder blush, but i’m still using my old prescriptives brush. it’s been bugging me for ages but i’ve also been dreading finding a "good" synthetic. i figured all the fancypants companies use animal hair, so i’d have to buy a brush over the internet without being able to touch it or anything.

well, i recently learned that both origins and aveda make 100% animal-free brushes! i love them. this info made me stupidly happy.

based on photos alone, i decided that the aveda brush looked more awesome, so i leaned in that direction initially. once i got a chance to see and touch them both, though, things became more muddy. in person, the origins brush is very aesthetically pleasing. i really like the handle. aveda’s wicked-cool flax handle, on the other hand, has kind of a weird texture. the bristles on both brushes feel very nice, but i prefer the arrangement of the bristles on the aveda brush. the aveda brush is also shorter overall, which i like. so, although the origins brush is really pretty, i think i’ll be going with the aveda version. yay, shopping!



  1. Are you inside my head? I just emailed Origins the other day for a list of their non-vegan products! I HEART Origins! I have that blush brush and it ROCKS. Have you smelled their cocoa products? Heaven on a stick.

  2. danielle, we are so awesome. we had a little makeup-mind-meld. 🙂 i ended up getting the aveda brush, but i am waaay into some of the origins stuff now. i will definitely check out the cocoa products the next time i swing through–thanks!

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