alba botanica

it’s been awhile since i’ve reviewed any bath products, so i thought i’d talk about a new company for a bit. i mentioned in the kiss my face post that i was also interested in trying alba products, and now i’ve had a chance to dabble with their line. in a word: nice!

my first experience with alba was their hawaiian line, part of alba organics (which i guess is fancier than regular ol’ alba botanica). i bought the passion fruit shower gel and the cocoa butter body lotion, and i liked them both. the passion fruit shower gel smells delicious and it lathers up nicely (you may recall that i have a lather issue). as for the cocoa butter lotion, a little goes a pretty long way, and the smell reminded me very much of the beach–so if you like that sort of thing, you’re in luck!

also part of the hawaiian line, but not a bath product per se, is their mouthwatering lip balm. i really, really, really like lip balm, and i am extremely fussy about it, but this stuff is the goods. i first tried pineapple quench, and i liked it so much that i also bought coconut cream in spite of myself (coconut hater that i am). these balms smell awesome, feel great, and protect for a looong time. i have been looking for a "heavier" vegan lip balm and this one is fantastic. it’s my overnight balm and i also have one in my purse. LOVE.

after having such a wonderful experience with the hawaiian line, i decided to branch out and try some "regular" alba products as well. i bought some of their shower gel (in island citrus) and also some of their very emollient body lotion (unscented). i didn’t realize until after the fact that they also have an original formula of the lotion that has a scent–i wish my co-op had carried that, because i’m not used to unscented lotion and it just seems weird to me. heh. anyhow, i really like both products. these run a bit cheaper than the stuff in the hawaiian line and i like them just as well (and i think i actually prefer this lotion to the cocoa butter). again with the nice lather and the happy moisturizing. i have already purchased a new shower gel in sparkling mint to try next. yay!

the only dud i’ve had so far is the tea tree deodorant. it smells great, but it feels sticky when it first goes on, and that feeling never really goes away. i wish they made a more powdery formula because i really like the scent. oh well.

alba carries an extensive line of bath/beauty products, and i’ve seen them in several different stores in my area. they do not test on animals, and almost every single one of their products is vegan (even the "honey mango" shower gel appears to be vegan… i checked, and i didn’t see honey on the ingredients list). i think they’re definitely worth checking out. happy bathing!



  1. Heads up for those who care: Their SPF 18 lip balm has beeswax, even though they say that it’s 100% vegetarian underneath the ingredient list.

  2. yep, cymraegrrl, you’re right… i believe the only vegan lip balms they carry are the ones i mentioned in the post. i probably should have just posted this in the first place 🙂 but here’s a list of non-vegan alba stuff (from their FAQ page):
    Moisturizing Cream Shave: Lanolin
    Lipcare 18 SPF: Beeswax, Lanolin
    Terra Tints: Beeswax
    Sugar Cane Body Polish: Honey
    Natural Lip Balm: Beeswax, Lanolin
    Multi-Purpose Jelly: Beeswax

  3. Well gosh. Thanks for doing all of this product testing. I have a serious issue with toiletries. I luuuuurve them. I like to buy them and use them. Or not use them if they are sucky. Which is an issue for Mr. Garcia of the Tidy Shower Area. Thank you for helping me restore harmony to the Garcia household. Or at least the bathroom.

  4. those lip balms sound good. I always have a problem with vegan ones, or even beeswax ones because they don’t have the heaviness and staying power of Chapstick. i like how you have an “overnight” balm, i have that too!

  5. I love Alba products too, and their lotion has sunscreen–a plus for me.
    Every time anyone visits from the States I ask them to bring lotion! I can find them here (UK) but they’re very expensive.

  6. I love Alba products too, and their lotion has sunscreen–a plus for me.
    Every time anyone visits from the States I ask them to bring lotion! I can find them here (UK) but they’re very expensive.

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