adopt a lab primate

i don’t feel like putting a kicky exclamation point on this title (as i did with the turkey entry) because it’s a pretty sad situation. i’m sure you understand.

i first became aware of the primate freedom project when they began the ambitious undertaking of opening a primate research museum smack dab in the middle of some animal testing labs. awesome.

i’ve been getting their email updates, and i noticed today that they have a pretty interesting sponsorship program. for $10 you can order a primate freedom tag, which is a simple stainless steel tag imprinted with the vital stats of a primate currently housed in a research lab. the record includes the serial number, birthdate, sex, species, and location of your monkey.

this is a pretty cool idea, because it reinforces the idea that these animals are important and unique beings (of course), and it also gives you a potential connection, since you can write to the experimenters to "check on" your primate friend. now, i have no idea whatsoever whether most experimenters will be cooperative in this regard, but it’s a novel approach and worth a shot.

if nothing else, you’re helping to fight the good fight, and you have a specific animal toward whom to channel all of those good vibes. i think i messed that mess up, grammar-wise, but you see what i’m saying.

while i’m here, i’ll toss out my favorite vivisection website, for those who’d like to read further on the subject.



  1. Thanks for the “my fave vivisection site –” link.
    I’ve been looking for a substantial anti-vivisection site to link to from my site. It’s another area of the animal rights abuse issue I feel strongly about exposing.
    Keep up the great work!

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