adopt a turkey!

i discovered two different animal sponsor oppportunities today, and i thought they were both neato keen, so i’m giving each one their own entry. yay!

the first (although, due to the nature of blogging, this will look like the second one once i have them both posted. but whatever.) is farm sanctuary’s adopt-a-turkey project. this program is in its 20th year and going strong. for a one-time donation of $20, you can sponsor a turkey who lives at farm sanctuary–a turkey who fell off a transport truck, or was abandoned when sick or injured,  or was rescued from a slaughterhouse… well, you get the picture. here’s a link to some great turkey rescue stories.

many turkeys need help all year round, but of course there are lots of people out there who can’t simply head out to farm sanctuary and adopt one. well, now you can! well, sort of. you can sponsor one, just in time for thanksgiving. hooray! farm sanctuary also hosts a big thanksgiving celebration for the turkeys, and if i lived closer i would definitely want to attend.

i keep drifting somewhat off topic. let’s get back on track here. adopting a turkey! what a wonderful idea! for 20 smackers, you get to pick one of eight special turkeys to sponsor, and in return you get a color photograph of your new baby, an adoption certificate & biography, and a subscription to farm sanctuary’s quarterly newsletter. the adoption fee goes toward feeding, cuddling, and caring for your turkey. how great is that?

i think it’s pretty great. i just adopted pumpkin.



  1. I’ve been adopting turkeys for eight years; it’s a great program! I have a copy of my adopted turkey for this year and from last year on the board in my office. These photos generate lots of comments. People are interested in hearing about them and viewing the very cute pictures. Recently, someone looked at the pictures and said, “It makes eating a turkey at Thanksgiving seem a lot less appetizing.” Yea!

  2. I adopted Kathy! It was pretty funny, though. After I filled out the paperwork online, I got an email saying “The items I ordered would be in the mail shortly.”
    I wondered if they were actually mailing me a turkey?! I live in England, and we have room in the garden, but it seems like the plane ride would be a bit hard for a turkey.
    Eventually, I got my adoption certificate, and a cute picture of Kathy. I blogged about the experience a couple of weeks ago.

  3. hi, KathyF–welcome! i think you’re my first commenter living in england. come back soon!
    i got my picture of pumpkin last week–she’s super cute. 🙂 i took the picture to class with me and told all of my students about her… and then i passed out some farm sanctuary leaflets about what happens to turkeys. right now i have her picture on top of the filing cabinet in my office for all to see. yay, pumpkin!

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