liquid hand soap

so, awhile back i broke up with bath & body works because they put nasty stuff in the hand soap. to be fair, i will point out that some of their hand soap is vegan, but a whoooole bunch of it isn’t, and i reached my cranky point and i stopped bothering with them. thus began a new journey of product testing. i’m here to share my results, paltry as they may be. so far i’ve tried two different brands, but a total of four varieties.

before i talk about them, though, a word about soap: i am one of those people who finds the idea of bar soap very romantic and wonderful, but can’t bring herself to use it most of the time. well, that’s not entirely true. if i’m over at someone’s house i will use it. or if someone i love gives me a fantastic gift of chai!smelling!barsoap! (*waves at aurabee*), then i use it and i love it, dammit. when i’m in little soap shops i smell all the bars without fail. but generally speaking, bar soap intimidates me. it gets slimy, so you need a fancy dish to reduce slime. the fancy dish takes up extra room on the sink and you bap it all the time with your hand when you turn the water on and off. it gets slimy. it creates slime puddles. i don’t know, i guess i should be a bigger person, but i have learned that i love the convenience and tidy approach of liquid hand soap. so there you go.

the first new liquid soap on my list was kiss my face organic self-foaming in grapefruit & bergamot. it smells really grapefruity, which is great if you like that sort of thing (i do). i really like this stuff. it dispenses just the right amount, and it gives a very "squeaky clean feeling" when you rinse. i decided right away that i’d move this one to our downstairs bathroom (long story) and i bought some of the lavender & chamomile to put in its place upstairs. again, yummy. the scent is definitely "there" but it doesn’t linger. the only complaint about this soap was from my husband, who said it seemed like we went through it really quickly. true enough.

we also tried the kiss my face moisture soap in olive & aloe. this has a great fragrance–very subtle and gender-neutral. the soap, true to its name, is pearly and leaves your hands feeling soft after rinsing and drying. the moisture soap comes in a larger size for less moolah than the self-foaming, and definitely seemed to last longer… so of the two, this is the better buy. it also comes in nine fragrances (including fragrance-free), so you have lots to choose from. the big drawback to this one is that it left a residue in my sink, which i tried to ignore at first but really got on my nerves eventually. if you’re the type to clean your sink every day, you probably won’t care… but i’m not, so i did. heh.

we’ve also been working on a couple of bottles of nature’s gate soap. next to our kitchen sink we’re using the orange line (which is a name i totally made up), in grapefruit & wild ginger. the scent is very mild, but nice. this is a clear soap, so no residue, and it lathers well. i liked this one so much that i bought one from the green line (again, totally made up) for our bathroom, in lavender & aloe. also fantastic. in case you’re curious, i just learned that the now-famous green line is really called "organics" and the ultra-famous orange line is really called "organics fruit blends."

the best part about all of this is that i can mentally stick my tongue out at bath & body works now, if i’m feeling peckish. peckish is such a great word.



  1. I use the Kiss my Face in the Almond scent for the kitchen and the bathroom. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for the nature’s organics one and give it a try. I love the Kiss my Face handsoaps, though. šŸ™‚

  2. This is just in time for me. I’m here in the states and plan a huge shopping trip to Whole Foods and local health food stores tomorrow. I love lavender, so will try that one.

  3. Nope, I agree with you. Bar soap is the pits. Not only because of the slime, but because it’s not good for you. The stuff that they need to have in order to keep it in bar form is just not good for your skin. So says Paula Begoun, and I trust her absolutely.

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