happy new year!

i have to say, 2005 was a weird year for me. lots of ups and downs, and LOTS of stress. i feel like the year was over before it began (i honestly mis-dated a check with 2004 only a few weeks ago!), and in some ways i’m grateful for a new year. i know a day doesn’t really change anything, but as i remarked to my husband last night, "maybe i’m better at even years." heh.

i don’t really make new year’s resolutions, because i either make ridiculous ones that i’ll never be able to keep ("stop cussing so much") or i make ones that are no-brainers so that i’ll feel better about my chance for success ("stay vegan"). so instead of boring you with my list of things i’ll either: (a) do anyway, or (b) very obviously never accomplish, i will simply wish you all a fantastic new year.


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