cleaning my office

it is never a good sign when you arrive at your office and attempt to put your house key in the door. or, when you head home for the night and try to open your house with your office key. i think i’ve been spending a lot of time at school lately and my brain is confused about which one is "home."

of course, the amount of time i’ve been spending at school means that my office has been looking like an absolute nightmare. i love a clean space but i also am one of those people who is "too busy to deal with that right now," so i end up with neatly organized stacks all over the place. i know what they mean, but no one else does. for awhile i can get away with this, because everything still looks relatively organized… but my office had gotten way past that point. stacks were falling over, new stacks were ending up on the floor because there was no room for desk-stacking anymore, stacks were merging into each other. i hate that feeling of barely hanging on–like, i know i need to clean it up, but i can’t right now, so i just have to suffer through it even though it’s driving me completely crazy. and of course i’m hella unproductive when my office looks like that. ugh.

so on tuesday afternoon, i cleaned my office. we were going to be meeting with a prospective employee, and i decided to use my office for the meeting so i had a hard deadline to clean it up. it worked! i kicked butt, i have to say. my office is so clean now that i just like to sit and look around at things. ah, desk surfaces. mmm, knowing what that small stack of file folders is. such a nice feeling.

while i was cleaning, i found a piece of paper with the following list of items on it: clouds, doorway, people, dome, chair, pool, steam, red, blue, beige, weird shapes/perspective, alley, tiny things. if you can tell me what that list is supposed to be, you will make me very happy. it has totally baffled me so i’m keeping it around for my own amusement. it’s like i went crazy one day and this is the evidence.



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