olive my new shoes

Toledo_novacas lookit my new green shoes!

i love them so much!

they arrived on tuesday night and i’ve been wearing them ever since. comfy and cute, what more can one ask? they are by novacas, they are unisex, and i bought them from mooshoes. i love them because they’re kind of understated, but still funky on accounta the green. this is my second pair of novacas (the other being some casual black sandals that i have in common with the lovely pleather), and my third pair (chocolate brown boots) is currently en route. i hope i love them as much as i love these.



  1. mishka, this style only comes in olive green, black with olive stripes, black with grey stripes, and another black version made of hemp. no red! i’ve been rocking some red shoes for the past few years, but i decided green might be a fun change. 🙂

  2. I’ve had the gray stripes on black shoes version for men for a while (I don’t see it at the site anymore).
    The rubber is separating from the microfiber all over the place, but the shoe itself is in good shape, so I’ll just have to find some vegan glue to seal everything back up again! Congrats on the new shoes. I need some new sneaks, and a new casual pair that doesn’t look quite as dressy as the ones I was just describing. Oh, but money…

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