after months of hearing about and searching for the oh-so-tasty sharkies, i finally found them at vegan essentials last week (duh! i never even thought to look there) and bought a little package.  my initial thought is that they would be similar to shark bites (which contain beeswax)… sort of like candy masquerading as fruit. i was pleasantly surprised.

sharkies are "organic energy fruit chews." they are billed as energy/endurance food, and they contain a natural source of electrolytes, so i guess they’re aimed at athletes more than kids. i’m not really either of those, but i liked them anyway.

sharkies are similar in texture to gummy bears; they are very "clean-tasting," whatever that might mean to you. i know what it means to me. heh. i kept it simple and bought the berry blast variety, which consists of only two flavors: cherry and blackberry. now that i know i like them, i will be more adventurous next time. yay sharkies! now if only my co-op would carry them.



  1. hey, i love these, too! i’ve only had them once, though, because i can only find them at sidecar, and i never make it out there. they stick in your teeth a lot, though.

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