another post about shower gel

you’d think i had some sort of obsession with shower gel, wouldn’t you? me and my lather issues.

well, i’m back to talk about shower-time again because i have been using shikai shower gel lately (i’m well into my second bottle) and i LOVE it. the first bottle i tried was cucumber melon, but i found–as i always do, but never learn–that this is a scent i love in theory but not as much in practice. i thought the gel was great, though, so i gave it another shot with a new scent: yuzu fruit. this one smells fantastic, it’s a nice little pick-me-up in the morning, and the lather is awesome. there are seven scents to choose from, plus an unscented version. they also have coordinating lotions, but i haven’t tried those yet. still crushing on my alba body lotion.



  1. hey, i have yuzu fruit body wash, too! what are the odds of that? i brought it with me from japan and it’s almost out, though. 😦

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