i heart the kitties

i’ve done a few shifts as a "cat socializer" now and i love it. i was a bit nervous on my first day–what if the cats are too stressed to play? what if they don’t want me to pick them up? what if they freak out when i try to put them in the carrier to take them to the playroom? thankfully, i’ve had some really great experiences.

today i met a sweet light grey tabby boy with a shaved left front leg. he was sleepy when i opened his door, but streeeetched and came over to see me right away. he went into the carrier with no problems, and when we got to the playroom, i lifted him out and he waited for me to sit down so he could jump on my lap. hee. so cute! he was such a sweetheart i ended up spending 30 minutes with him. pretty much all he wanted to do was knead his paws on me and get affection. he marched around on my lap and found a million ways to knead his paws on me–he even tried to knead one of his paws on my face. goofball.

at one point he arranged himself basically vertically in my lap, so that he was "laying" on my chest,  got right in my face and then closed his eyes with such a happy little face. i tried an old trick that my dearly departed kody always loved–he climbed on me that way all the time and he always wanted me to use both hands and scratch/rub his ears for like forever. i tried that with my new friend and he LOVED it. my husband always used to call it kody’s "mama time," and avery and finley never ask for that in particular… so it’s been 6 years since i’ve had a kitty who wanted "mama time" like that. :heart:

after about 20-25 minutes of cuddling and playing, he sprawled out on my lap and took a nap. it’s moments like that where i feel so privileged to be with these animals. after all that they have been through (and some of them have been through A LOT), i am eternally impressed with how much they trust us. all i ever want is for them to know that they are truly safe (and in fact i have whispered this in many dogs’ ears over the past 3+ years), and i am really humbled when i see that they know it.

it is my wish that at least one kitty falls asleep in my lap every week.



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