nice little companies

i’ve been buying random stuff lately, from small/fledgling businesses. not because i’m so benevolent and wonderful–i don’t mean to sound like that–it’s just that these links fall into my lap and then i feel like i just have to buy something. mmmm, shopping. anyway, i thought i’d mention three of my recent favorites in case there are others out there who might like to check them out.

one that i’ve been meaning to post about for quite some time is white rabbit beauty. a really big portion of their products are vegan (and you can filter out the non-vegan products very easily when browsing), and the selection is really pretty nice. but the SERVICE! jean is one of the sweetest strangers i’ve never met. she writes cute little personalized cards, and she wraps every order like it’s a beautiful birthday gift. i was floored when i got my first order.

white rabbit also sells samples of many of their products, which is awesome. you can buy just a little bit so you can try it without committing to a gigantic bottle. how nice! the return policy is generous, and jean totally went the extra mile when some lip gloss didn’t work out for me. i really can’t say enough nice things. yay white rabbit!

another company i’ve tried recently is femaledictions, which i found out about through a friend, who is in turn a friend of the owner. i guess that would be three degrees of separation? hee, anyway… femaledictions is mainly a fragrance company, specializing in perfume oils and solids, but they also do soaps and incense and the like. the easiest way to browse is probably to click on "shop" and then find the "shop by scent" link. there are a ridiculous (and i mean that in a good way!) amount of scents (or flavors, as i like to call them), and i found it rather overwhelming to poke through everything. eventually i decided to do a sample pack of perfume oil, which comes with 5 different scents… but then i just couldn’t narrow my options and ended up getting 10. not that i’m complaining.

sCara is very sweet, and she answered my email right away when i had a question. the samples all came packaged very prettily, and i have them all stored in my jammie drawer where they are safe from the sun. most of the products at femaledictions are vegan, and the exceptions seem to be pretty obvious (like, for example, the goat’s milk soap or the honey soap). right now i think my favorite scent is wench (blackberries & green sage leaves), but i’m not ruling out buying yet another sample pack.

the final company in my little triumvirate today is called gudonya (cute, no?). gudonya sells various "bath and body" products like bath bombs, soap, solid perfume, and so on. many of their products are vegan, and i have been assured that they are in the process of developing vegan lip balm (or lip smoothies, as they call them)… for a lip balm addict like myself, this is very exciting news. the current versions use beeswax, but i can’t wait to try the new ones when they’re ready! i’ve already scoped out the flavors and one of them is chai. hooray!

but one of the most exciting things about gudonya’s current line is that they offer a beeswax-free cuticle stick! i used burt’s bees cuticle cream for years and years, but it contains beeswax, so i knew that once i used it up (those suckers last FOREVER!), i wouldn’t be buying another tin. anyway, gudonya has a cute little stick, in "lip balm format," and it’s vegan. not only that, it’s cheap! i bought one the minute i stumbled across it, and i’ve been using it ever since it arrived.

happy shopping!



  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to tell you I love reading your blog–you sound like such a nice person, and I enjoy the many topics you write about.

  2. either you have a ton of bath and body products lying around the house, or you are the cleanest person on the planet. i can’t believe you use them all up so fast! i’m sure you smell heavenly, though. :p

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