yesterday i went out to eat with my family at an italian restaurant (who also does a brisk take-out pizza business). as we walked through the parking lot toward the front door, i walked past a woman waiting in the driver’s seat of her SUV with the engine running (i imagine someone ran in to get a pizza). anyway, her back window sported one of those delightful People Eating Tasty Animals decals.

OMG that is so funee becuz it’s just like PETA accept it’s not becuz get it? LOL!!!!11

i was filled to overflowing with an intense desire to do… something. but i couldn’t figure out what, specifically with my parents and my husband there, so i did nothing. well, i seethed, and i said, "that is So. Incredibly. Upsetting." under my breath, but basically i did nothing.

that kind of stuff just really irritates me. the only thing i can hope is that she saw my "practice compassion: go vegan" license plate frame when she drove out.


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  1. Grrrrrrrrr! Those stickers bug me too and I’m with the above post-er here with what I would like to do! I get the same feeling when I see any pro-hunting stickers on cars as well. ESPECIALLY the big honkin’ SUVs and the like… Grrrrrrrr!

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