birthday cake

three people on my mom’s side of the family have birthdays very close together (my mother’s is today, and her brother’s and my birthday is in three days), so we always have a joint party. last weekend was mother’s day, so we just rolled the whole shebang into one and had an afternoon of presents and dinner and cake. hooray!

my sister hosted the party, and she was so awesome. she grilled veggie burgers for us (she’s lacto-ovo veg) and made a HUGE pile of veggies to grill. my husband and i introduced the rest of our family to our newest obsession, salt & pepper kettle chips (oh my GOD!), and they were deeply loved by all in attendance.

the traditional birthday cake for this party is my grandma’s chocolate layer cake, with lovely homemade white icing on top (and in between the layers), and jimmies. some people call them sprinkles, but they’re jimmies. trust me on this. anyway, this cake has been part of our birthday party for as long as i can remember. my grandma bakes the cake, and my grandpa makes the frosting. it’s really cute. then the big spectacle is when my grandpa cuts the cake, because he likes to use an electric knife "to make the jimmies jump." hee. because of how the jimmies look, some of us have taken to affectionately referring to it as "ant cake."

last year (my first vegan birthday) i just skipped dessert altogether, but this year i didn’t want to do that. so i made my own chocolate cake with white frosting, lame-o style. it was just a 9×13 cocoa cake (the prospect of doing layers frightens me), and i was lazy so i used prepared vanilla frosting, and i don’t have jimmies so i didn’t use those either. but at least i would be able to have a piece of cake at my party, right?

during the big cake cutting ceremony, i quietly went to the kitchen and cut a piece of my own cake, then brought it back into the dining room and ate it. that was the only piece missing when i took it back home. at least my husband likes it! he’s been eating it ever since.



  1. if i could mail cake, i would have mailed each of you a piece! 🙂
    and OMG, yes, how good are salt & pepper kettle chips?!? seriously. i am a person who has always said, “i don’t really care for potato chips, meh.” but these are fantastic.

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