SHAC pack!

the lovely and bee-yoo-ti-ful folks at herbivore magazine have done it again. cutting edge fashion with a message for a good cause, yo.

most people who read this blog are probably already well-acquainted with the plight of the SHAC7, but if not, please do follow the link and check it out. in order to throw a little scratch their way, herbivore is offering up a new design: a bunny with an eyepatch (grrrr draize tests!), and a catchy slogan: "legalize animal rights." they’ve put together a pack that includes a tee (girlie or unisex), 10 postcards, a sticker, and two buttons, all sporting this great design.

and the best part? ALL of the proceeds (about $28 per pack) goes straight to SHAC. please help if you can!

just click right here –> hell yes, i want a SHAC pack!


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