AR2006 day 3: saturday

(subtitle: the day of desserts.) 

yay, saturday! i was going to get to meet isa on saturday!
boy oh boy was i ever excited. 

but first! there was bakery to be had. i convinced anne
(well, anne’s awesome, so i didn’t have to work very hard) to drive me to
sticky fingers bakery so i could revel i the veganity of it all. anne, alan,
josie and i headed over and when i walked in i almost did a little happy dance.
a big bakery case, full of vegan delights! cakes, cookies, sweet rolls, you
name it—and they have vegan soft-serve! i couldn’t decide what to order;
everything looked so good. i ended up getting a sticky bun, because it’s their
signature item, and i also decided right away that after i was done eating it,
i’d be going back for soft-serve. anne got a sticky bun as well, and alan got a
muffin. we all LOVED our food (josie, who doesn’t eat or sleep, despite being
the most energetic baby evar, kept saying she wanted ice cream, ice cream, ice
cream, and pointing to our sticky buns. heh). i went back inside and ordered
chocolate soft-serve with chocolate chip cookies crumbled on top, and then
decided i may as well get some cookies to go while i was at it. i got a couple
of chocolate chip and a couple of pecan. everything, and i mean everything, was
delicious. amusingly enough, i found out while i was there that they were going
to have a booth at AR2006 that day and the next day (duh), but oh well. at least
i got the full experience (not to mention the soft-serve)!

after that, they took me to the hotel where i kept my eyes
peeled for isa. SO EXCITED!!

as i was on my way into the exhibition hall (surely isa
would be with josh or something), i noticed a huge commotion at the satya
table. there were giant bakery boxes involved, and a small line. color me
intrigued. and suddenly hungry again. i asked cat clyne (satya’s editor! famous
person!) what was going on, and she explained that they were going to be giving
away bakery from vegan treats. Giving It Away!! i was all, “okay then,” and got
my butt in line. as they started unpacking the boxes i was honestly in awe. i
keep describing this table to other people as “magazine cover food,” and i’m
not exaggerating. there were a million different things to choose from, and
everything was absolutely freaking GORGEOUS. shiny pretty fatty delectable
gorgeous. i wanted to take pictures, but i felt kind of embarrassed, so just
snapped one quick one when i got to the front of the line. it does the treats
absolutely no justice, i’m afraid. by the time everything was unpacked and
ready to go, the line stretched all the way to nebraska. vegans love them some free awesome
bakery, let me tell you what. i had a really long time to stare at the table
and decide what i wanted, but i was truly struggling. eventually when it was my
turn i chose the chocolate peanut butter bomb. good night nurse, it was
ridiculous. it was basically a tiny chocolate bundt cake with a massive pile of
amazing peanut butter mousse on top. all of that was covered in a chocolate
shell, and then that was drizzled with peanut butter sauce and chocolate sauce.
i don’t even have to tell you how delicious it was, i’m sure it speaks for
itself. i really wish bethlehem PA wasn’t so far away!

after i had my slice of heaven on a plate, i made it into
the exhibition hall to gloat with my fellow VRFers about our yummy food. at
this point i learned that chicago
soydairy temptation
ALSO had a booth for the weekend (right across from sticky
fingers bakery), and good lord, i’m sure you see where this is going. greg let
me sample his temptation peach cobbler (verdict: YUM), and i headed to the
herbivore corner to seek out josh (and isa! surely there will be isa!). i found
josh, but he was isaless. sigh. eventually i dragged my bloated-with-bakery
self to a panel.

at 1.30pm i attended “how vegan is enough?” which was a “rap
session” facilitated by matt ball of vegan outreach. this is another one of
those hot topics lately, so i was kind of excited to hear how everything would
play out. matt ball is a great speaker—very calm, sincere, and intelligent. the
room was mostly supportive of his ideas, which are loosely defined as follows:
we make a much bigger impact by setting a good example and working on outreach
than we do focusing on our own microbehaviors and striving for “purity.” this
is another one of those issues where i understand the arguments on both sides,
but i thought it was extremely cool to hear him speak about it for an hour.

i took the next hour off and looked for isa again (no luck),
and then attended a panel at 3.30pm called “how to deal with loved ones.” this
was a rap session facilitated by dallas rising, and it pretty much featured
bunches of people sharing annoyances they’ve encountered with their families
and friends, and then other people offering ideas for solutions. it was nice to
hear everyone’s experiences, but i came away slightly frustrated by the lack of
any “hard and fast” guidelines or suggestions. i guess that’s not what rap
sessions were supposed to be about, so my fault, but still. one thing i did
come away with was that it’s a good idea to be work within the framework of
“sharing” rather than “convincing”—in other words, try to phrase things more
like you’re letting them in on something, not that it’s a “you’re so messed up
and let me prove just how much” kind of deal. in retrospect, i think my
frustration with this session is largely based in my own experience with my
profession; interpersonal relationships are what i “do” for a living, so i
wanted this to be like the kind of class i’d want to teach, if that makes
sense. alas, it was a rap session. heh.

let’s see, what did i do after that was over. oh yes! looked
for isa! *cries* then i bought a massive triple-scoop of temptation (chocolate
and strawberry, in a waffle cone) to console myself. good god that was tasty.

my sweetest friend/host/chauffeur anne was coming down with
a cold all weekend, and by saturday it had gotten really nasty, so we decided
that i’d cut my day a bit short (not shorter than i’d like; just shorter than
the other days had been) and we’d just pick up some pizza to eat at home that
night. she and alan were super-adorable and had me order vegan pizza for all of
us to eat, and they didn’t bat an eye over the whole thing. i ordered some kind
of garlic & potato concoction, and i had them use the vegan gourmet follow
your heart cheese, which was pretty good. (it’s vegan cheese. we take what we
can get. sigh.) anyway, anne and alan were awesome, as always.



  1. I bet you’d do a fantastic job working up a more-indepth panel on loved ones and veganism.
    The treats from Saturday sound delicious. I want a peanut butter bomb!
    I’m glad you had such an awesome time. So when are you writing up Sunday? Huh, huh? 😀

  2. OMG. Well first of all that was HILarious. i lafted and lafted and lafted. you are too cute!! i feel sugary just reading. and can i just say how great your friends are? i’ve been reading about them this whole time and they seem so awesome. yay!!!

  3. OMG. Well first of all that was HILarious. i lafted and lafted and lafted. you are too cute!! i feel sugary just reading. and can i just say how great your friends are? i’ve been reading about them this whole time and they seem so awesome. yay!!!

  4. dandy–hee! i wish i’d gotten better pictures. the food was ridiculous.
    bird–yes, my friends rule. i heart them. you’d really like them.
    therese–you know, the funny thing is that i was kind of sassy and i did skip a fair amount of panels… but it was nice to poke around in the exhibition hall and make small talk too, you know?

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