farm sanctuary walk (2006)

last year i participated in the farm sanctuary walk for farm animals for the first time. i blogged about it here, and then again here, in case you’re extremely bored and need some stuff to read. heh.

this year i sort of dropped the ball on promoting the event here, which is a bummer. i fully meant to, but as you can see my blogging has been a little sparse the past couple of months. anyway, i’m here now and that’s what counts! in most participating cities, the walk for farm animals will be taking place next weekend (to coincide with world farm animals day on october 2nd). at the time of this writing, there are 44 cities listed on the roster, so please check to see if there will be a walk in your area, and consider participating!

just like last year, anyone who sponsors a walker for $20 or more becomes a farm sanctuary member for the year, which includes a newsletter subscription. i love that angle, because it’s an additional opportunity for outreach. in a new twist compared to last year, farm sanctuary has made it easier than ever to sponsor a walker, which i was excited about because i’m a nerd. they teamed up with firstgiving and every walker can make an online fundraising page, for people who would rather not go the cash/check route. you can see mine here if you like. i am absolutely certain that having this option improved my ability to get pledges, so, YAY!

this year our walk is being organized by a new person–someone tied to our campus/community animal activism group. i’ve tried to help out with publicizing the walk by sending my emails more widely, and i’ve approached businesses about posting the flyers (with about a 95% success rate on that front). i really hope we can boost attendance over last year. regardless, my sister and my 2-year-old niece will be walking with me this year, which should be a blast.

one last note: it fully deserves its own entry, so i won’t go into it just yet, but i am super-duper-extra-excited about this year’s walk, because i got to visit farm sanctuary two weeks ago! it was SO AMAZING and they are truly deserving of all the support we can give them. i heart them, for reals. please support them if you can!


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