get yourself a turkey!

last week i adopted a turkey from farm sanctuary. this is my second year participating in their adopt-a-turkey project, and i have to say i plan to participate every year from here on out. this year i adopted sunflower, and i’m looking forward to receiving my picture of her so i can put it up next to pumpkin’s from last year.

this is such a simple way to help such a great cause! a one-time $20 donation goes toward the housing, feeding, and general lovin’-up of these lucky turkeys who get to live out their lives in a far better place than the vast majority of their friends and family.  i got to meet the california farm’s brood of turkeys a couple months ago, and they’re both hilarious and adorable–not to mention extremely friendly! they love being petted, and they’ll follow you around for treats. i wish that everyone planning to sit around a traditional thanksgiving table later this month could have the chance to meet a turkey–watch them play, snuggle, and steal bananas–and realize that they’re not so different from our dogs and cats as most people would like to believe.

thank you to those of you who have supported this project in the past… for the rest of you, maybe give it a try this year! i promise, it’s fun to get a picture of "your" turkey in the mail, and it’s even more fun to display it prominently at work. heh. and if you live anywhere close to new york or california, consider attending the farm sanctuary celebration for the turkeys! i really hope to go someday. in the meantime: happy adopting!

**UPDATE! 11/4
i just read an article which clued me in to the fact that three of the turkeys are babies in the california shelter! i thought that all of them were new york turkeys, so i didn’t do too much research, and i waffled between blossom and sunflower before eventually settling on sunflower. well, turns out that blossom, tinkerbell, and laila are all part of the group of rescued babies in california who i met in september! i really like the idea of adopting a turkey i’ve actually met (and i had been hoping all along that the featured turkeys this year would be those babies), so i just went back and adopted blossom too. heh.



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