awhile back i wrote about my love of vermints, but as you may recall, they’re not so much "mints" as they are "chai candy." heh.

as such, i’m back to talk about actual breath-freshening mints, because sometimes you want a little more than candy. personally, my "mint" of choice is the cinnamon variety. i like spearmint and peppermint as much as the next person, but some spicy cinnamon is really my favorite when it comes to breath-related endeavors. unfortunately, vermints doesn’t make a cinnamon flavor… but fortunately, there are two other companies who do it with some vegan flair. yippee!

hint mint actually makes five flavors, but i bought the cinnamon first (as a test case, if you will). these are pretty fantastic, because the tin is super-stylie and the mints themselves are engraved with the cute little hint mint logo. the mints are compact, smooth, and they have a satisfying spicy punch to them. i bought them from food fight!, and i’ve been waiting for them to re-stock because now i’m also dying to try the chocolate and peppermint flavors. (the other two flavors, if you’re wondering, are licorice and the newly-added green tea.)

newman’s own has evidently burst onto the mint scene now, which i learned when i stumbled across some of their tins at a market last month. i’m having a tough time finding a good link to them, though, which is unfortunate because the cinnamon tin has a great picture of a tiger on it, not to mention the word "HOT" in circus font. they’re pretty rad. these are a little more like altoids in their consistency, although they are taller and somewhat taupe in color. they taste very much like cinnamon the spice (as opposed to cinnamon the gum or cinnamon the candy, if you know what i’m saying). they’re good. i’ve poked around on the intarweb a bit, and it seems as though newman’s own also offers mints in ginger, wintergreen, and peppermint.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: mints do not require hooves or tendons! if you like your cinnamints animal-free, give these a shot. enjoy!



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