i voted

heh. i wonder how many NaBloPoMo bloggers used voting as their entry for today. i’m so original! yay!

here is my voting story:

our polling place (an
elementary school) is only a few blocks away, so we walked. there are four
wards that vote there, but we can never ever EVER remember which one we are, so
we always try to be smoove and look for a map so we can figure it out without
having to ask.

we’re ward 9. i said
"number nine, number nine, number nine" like the beatles to try and
make myself retain the information for next time.

when we got to the table
there was no line, just one person ahead of us, about to move on. of the three
little senior citizens staffing the table, two of them are a married couple. they asked us for our names and addresses, and then we
bonded because evidently the husband, alex, also is a Goes By The Middle Name

the ladies checked us
off in the book, gave us a little pink slip, and then alex gave us our ballots
and we went to stand in the plastic desk things. mine was all marked up, like
what grownup randomly draws all over the voting desk? lame.

anyway, i voted voted voted and then
tried to make my lines EXTRA emphatic when voting "no" on the
marriage amendment and "no" on the death penalty. i put my ballot in
the machine and it said i was number 471. husband was 472. then we got stickers!
hooray!  (the last time i voted, there were no stickers to be had, and i still haven’t quite recovered.)

as we were walking out of the elementary school, we stopped and admired a great display dedicated to "peeps the magnificent," a classroom chinchilla. it was pretty damn awesome. even better, as we wandered down the hall further, there was a sign proclaiming the arrival of a student’s new kitten, "knuckles." hee!!

i went to school and taught my class, and encouraged my students to vote. one of my little favorites was also already wearing her sticker, and she jumped on the bandwagon with me. we had a brief discussion about what to bring to the polls and i felt i did my civic duty.

then i sat around in my
office and did a photo shoot of my sticker. oh yes i totally did.


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