wizard tea

okay, i have rambled at length (so, so much length) in other places about this issue, and several of the people who read this blog have also read my rambling, so i’ll try to make it so those of you in that group don’t have to suffer through it again. in a nutshell: when i turned 25 my skin started freaking out and i got really irritated about it (and embarrassed). i was stuck home alone for a long weekend and got sucked into a proactiv infomercial, and i bought it. it worked. i used it for 7 years. however, benzoyl peroxide is a cruel mistress, because it is rather drying–and perhaps even worse, it bleaches the crapola out of everything. you can be careful to a degree, but you just have to sacrifice your washcloths, pillowcases, bath towels, and pajama tops. after 7 years, this routine got old and i wanted to try something else. and who knows, maybe after 7 years my skin wouldn’t even need help anymore!

well, har dee har har to that, because i went off proactiv in june and my skin FUH-REAKED out. to bring you up to the current day: i spent june, july, and august using the extremely wonderful and delectable origins products (mostly stuff in their oily line), and while i have no complaints about the vast majority of their stuff, the cleanser/toner/mask routine was not doing it for me. after 12 weeks i was still breaking out like crazy and i was super self-conscious and frustrated.

for september and october, i tried desert essence thoroughly clean facewash, which has a nice ingredients list and a remarkable reputation. i didn’t use toner at all during this time, just the facewash. i will say, it helped a little, but not enough. by the middle of october i was getting soooo frustrated again, but i refused to cave and go back to proactiv.

my sweet friend mishka suggested a canadian product called dermamed, which i broke down and ordered the last weekend in october when i had to go to a family wedding on a particularly bad skin day. there’s nothing like a million family portraits featuring The Pimples to get a girl in a shopping mood. anyway, the dermamed arrived on monday afternoon, so i’ve been using it for a couple of days now. so far, so good! i am cautiously optimistic.

switching gears (and backing up) a little…

in early october, my friend doh suggested i try some herby-holistic-type remedies, like a probiotics supplement to start. i’ve been doing that for a month now, and i just bought a box for month two. i’m not sure if it’s helping or not, but she said it could take awhile if it’s even the right thing, so we’ll see!

around the same time that she suggested this approach, i got into a conversation with one of my students (who is vegetarian and leaning vegan these days) about some tea that she just swears by. she’s from arizona and she loves this herb store there and she kept mentioning this tea to me. i hate tea, for one… and i was slightly skepty, for two. but she gave me a newsletter from the store and i promised to look into it. i did, but they didn’t have their online store hooked up, so i kind of put it on the back burner. my student, though, is persistent. she’s all, "did you call about the tea?" and i’m all, "not yet!" and so it went for several weeks. finally last week she just goes, "i just got a jar of it and i’m going to give it to you." heh.

yesterday she brought me the tea, along with a cute set of instructions. i have to boil 1/2 cup of water, then put 2 tsp. of the tea in a tea ball, put it in the water and cover it for 10 minutes, then drink it. i need to do this three times per day. i have taken to calling it wizard tea, because i am kind of getting a kick out of the idea, even though i do believe it might help.

anyway, i made my first batch of wizard tea about 45 minutes ago, and i have to say, tea seems wasteful to me. i really throw all that stuff away after using it for 1/2 cup of water? weird. anyway, i drank it, and it tastes like meh but it’s not awful, so i’m sure i can push through it. it’s like a light green tea, nothing too scary or offensive. she said i can add whatever i want to it, so maybe i’ll start with agave nectar or something.

the upshot: my self-consciousness about my face and my stubbornness has led me to a one-two punch of canadian magic and wizard tea. here’s hoping it works!



  1. danny–har har!
    mishka–well, so far it’s okay… day one was kind of awesome but since then it’s stabilized and it’s a bit drying (like you warned me). i’m going to give it at least a few weeks for things to settle down and see how my skin adjusts. i’ll keep you posted!

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