a few years ago, we were at a baseball game and there was an adorable girl wandering through the stands selling smoothies. she wasn’t really that much different from any of the people wandering around selling beer, pretzels, hot dogs, soda, ice cream, or whatever else, except that she had the Cutest Voice Evar. she was all, "smoothies!" in this tiny sing-song voice that was almost too quiet, at least compared to her colleagues. but we could hear her, and every time she yelled "smoothies!" we giggled. for whatever reason, it stuck in our heads for a really long time and we still randomly yell "smoothies!" at each other.

all of this to say: i had never really had a smoothie (especially not a homemade one) until this past summer(!) and man, i wish i had realized what i’d been missing.

we took a vacation in july and stayed with some good friends, and one morning i wandered out to the kitchen to learn that they had made smoothies. they have four kiddos so they had prepared a monster batch for all of us to share, and they looked ridiculously good, all pink and frothy. i gladly accepted one, and the instant i tasted it i was  all "where have you been all my life?" this particular smoothie had (if i remember correctly) strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, banana, a splash of orange juice, and some apple juice. it’s possible i’m forgetting something, but you get the general idea. anyway, they were superb. later i realized they had a vitamix, and i explained to my husband (privately) that they were like the cadillac of blenders. they made us smoothies the next day too, and by then i was hooked.

also, typical of me, i wouldn’t shut up about how good they were. when we got home, my husband surprised me by buying a bunch of fruit and whipping up some smoothies for us, and they were awesome. we’ve been having smoothies several times a week (some weeks it’s been every night!) since then. we’ve experimented with different fruits, and i’ve tried fruits that weren’t on my menu before (most notably, peaches and nectarines). perhaps more importantly, it means i’m eating WAY more fruit than i used to, which can only be a good thing.

if you haven’t jumped on the smoothie bandwagon, do yourself a favor and get some fruit. fresh or frozen will do, and get some good juice too. the best part is playing with all kinds of different combinations. my two favorite juices to use are pineapple or apple, but we’ve also used white grape (i’m allergic to orange, but it’s a popular choice). you can add some soymilk or yogurt if you want it to be a little more creamy; we do that sometimes. you can also add flax oil or whatever other healthy stuff you’re trying to sneak into your diet. and you don’t need a vitamix; we just have a regular ol’ oster or something. throw in some chopped ice and blend that sucker until it’s frothy and you will thank me. oh yes you will!


  1. I [heart] smoothies of all kinds. I even buy Naked’s bottled smoothie-ish drinks so that we can make them faster (by just adding ice and blending. Or not even). Even my little one likes the “Blue Machine” one! [They have that one at our Costco and I always get 2 of them when we go].
    They have a new one called “Black and Blue” and I LOOOOVE blackberries. I need to hit Whole Foods and look for it.

  2. I love love love smoothies but don’t make them often. I think I prefer to eat my calories than drink them – that way, I don’t intake as many. No matter what, I rarely feel full or satisfied when I just drink.

  3. we have them every morning for breakfast changing up the flavors by what we can find at the farmers market or getting different frozen veggies in the winter

  4. AAYOR–i’ll have to keep an eye out for those, although i admit i heart the freshly made ones. mmmm.
    mishka–i hear what you’re saying, but i am the WORST when it comes to eating fruits and veggies… so in my case, more is better! we often drink them along with dinner, kind of as a desserty-drink-thing.
    Kat–sounds tasty! i have heard a lot about “green smoothies” but we’ve yet to be that adventurous. 🙂

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