meeting update

well, i’m glad i went to that meeting last night, because i got clued in on some things our group has planned. *pats self on back* heh.

first, we’re doing a demo for fur-free friday (which is the day after thanksgiving). it will be a "peaceful demo," and for that i am grateful. i’m not really the chanting or yelling type, i’m afraid. but standing around for an hour or so, holding signs and possibly leafleting? i think i can handle that. the location is a fur store a few blocks away from a duplex i lived in while i was in late grade school and middle school. i always hated that store, even as a little kid, so in a weird way i’m kind of psyched about this demo. in most ways, though, i’m nervous, because i don’t really do demos. oh well. i’m going to try and get my sister to come with me–she gets REALLY fired up about fur and she’s always wanted to do a fur demo, so hopefully she’ll join me.

in other news, our group is trying to bring three speakers to campus next semester, and it’s a pretty great lineup: dr. michael greger, will potter (of green is the new red), and nathan runkle from mercy for animals. i really hope it all pans out!

i’m heading to texas for a convention today, so with any luck i’ll be blogging from there next. i’m sure you’re all just on the edge of your seats!



  1. Awesome about the fur demo. I had mixed feelings about them before I went to my first one. Sounds like the group I demo’d with was similar – peaceful, leafletting (if you wanted), holding signs. What I ended up really liking about them was the feeling of community with the other activists. It was really motivating for me. I hope you have a good experience with yours as well!
    Great line up of speakers. I’ve heard 2 of the 3, and I know you’ll be really pleased with them.
    Keep up the blogging! I’m enjoying it!

  2. Deb–thanks so much for the feedback! i bookmarked your blog. 🙂 i have heard will and nathan speak before (both at AR2006), but i’ve never heard dr. greger speak. i’m pretty excited about the whole lineup!

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