time out for reading

i love leisure reading, but i almost never do it. it’s sad.

when i was little i used to read voraciously. my mom would take me and my sister to the library once a week, and we’d each come home with a stack of books that we’d pile onto the buffet in the dining room. during the week six piles would develop: the "to read" pile and the "already read" pile for each of us. it was great.

somewhere along the line (well, i know precisely where: grad school) i stopped "letting" myself read for fun. it seemed like if i had time for reading, i should be reading my homework. it’s been, oh, 12 years now and i still have an incredibly difficult time "letting" myself read for fun. at best i read magazines–but even those pile up month after month until i allow myself the time out to read them.

airplane travel is the one safe haven for my leisure reading. on my recent trip to texas, i read the last two issues of VegNews, and the april and may (!!) issues of satya. i also got a start on the newest issue of herbivore. i hate that i’m always so far behind on everything, but i really do enjoy reading them when i get the time.

books are an even tougher story. i have all these books laying around, waiting for my attention. i started reading vegan: the new ethics of eating months ago, and i’m still not through it! it’s a quick and easy read; i just haven’t set aside the time for myself. it’s a bummer. i really need to start going to bed earlier so i can read a bit before i go to sleep. today i stayed home sick, so i picked the book up again… working my way through chapter 10 now! wish me luck.


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  1. I have the same problem, but “work” and “kids” are the reason I don’t read as much. Probably also “don’t work at Borders anymore”. I need to get my behind to the library! Gladcalf 1 is reading so well, he would prolly love it. I miss books.

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