stuffing and goddess dressing

i’m heading into day 5 of stuffing for dinner, and that rocks. my husband makes really tasty vegan stuffing, and we bring it along to both of our thanksgiving dinners (mom’s on thursday; dad’s on saturday). this year he made big batches both days, because my brother-in-law has gone vegetarian since last year, and he is a growing boy. heh. there are now four of us who opt for the vegan stuffing, and at my dad’s dinner there are a bunch of other people who add it to their plates just for the heck of it.

even still, they were BIG batches and we have a nice amount leftover. we finished up thursday’s batch last night, and tonight we’ll get to work on the rest of saturday’s round. yum, i love stuffing. we do ours pretty simple-style… bread, onions, celery, and tasty spices at my husband’s whim. put a little vegetarian gravy on top and the meal is perfection.

in other yummy-food news, i recently tried goddess dressing for the very first time. i’ve heard people talk about it, and i’ve noticed that people really sing the praises of annie’s goddess dressing, but (confession time) we don’t eat a ton of salad at home, so we  take awhile to go through our various bottles. anyway, i finally made it a priority to pick some up, and we tried it right away. it’s delicious!! i was totally unprepared for how much i’d like it. a little tangy, a little creamy, and a lot tasty. it reminds me of (my dearly loved) caesar dressing, so it’s pretty much my new favorite salad topper.


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