show and tell

tomorrow i will be attending an early-morning meeting almost an hour away from my house. those of you who know me well, know that i’m not really a fan of early mornings. i mean, i can DO them–once i’m up, i’m up–but they’re not my first choice. i’m very much a night owl when it comes to general preferences. so is one of the other people who will be at this meeting, so at least we’ll be in this mess together.

because the meeting is so early, one of the attendees joked awhile back that he would cook breakfast–i believe his exact words were, "i’ll make bacon and eggs for everyone!" and then he immediately remembered me, looked over and said, "oh! nevermind, heh." at that point i offered to bake, and he thought this was a marvelous idea. he said, "i would actually trust you to bake something good!" which i thought was an oddly amusing "compliment." i chose to interpret it thusly: "i am kind of a picky eater, but you brought some kickass desserts to my house a few months ago, so please feel free to bake for me again!"

last week the woman who is hosting the meeting at her house sent an email to the group, asking if we wouldn’t mind picking up breakfast pastries and coffee on the way. i replied to the group and repeated my offer to bake (she wasn’t present for the original discussion). no one answered, but it’s not a very email-y group, so i’m not sure if that’s a good sign or a bad sign. heh.

anyway, i’m planning to bring pumpkin muffins from vegan with a vengeance and chocolate chip cinnamon scones from the gladcow cookbook. i’m going to bake them both tonight, because the idea of getting up even earlier tomorrow brings tears to my eyes. i’ve had great luck with both recipes before, so with any luck, (a) everyone will like them, and (b) there won’t be Emergency Backup "Real Food" there. har dee har har. that would be embarrassing.



  1. I am seriously going to have to make these pumpkin muffins if I hear any more about them. I LOVE things made of pumpkin and I can feel a monster craving coming on.
    BTW… have you ever listened to Nada Surf? I think that they fit your musical profile. πŸ™‚

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