charlotte’s web

i saw the trailer for charlotte’s web today, and Oh Em Gee is that little piglet ever cute!! cripes, i nearly wore out the "replay" button on my remote.

there is a part in the trailer where fern takes him into the barn for the first time, and she says something like, "make lots of friends. just be yourself." and then the camera goes to the piglet and he just looks up at her adoringly and makes the best little grunt EVAR and i died.





then i watched the rest of the show i had recorded.

as soon as i was done? rewind… find little grunt moment again.




i giggled and almost teared up Every. Single. Time. yes, i am that girl. you may recall my reaction to kiwi when i first met her? heh.

i couldn’t bring myself to erase the show. i have to save the little grunt moment to show my husband. (and then probably hit replay a bunch more times.)

i strongly encourage you to watch the trailer and see the moment for yourself. it’s in both versions, but you should probably check them both just to be safe.



  1. ah, it looks cute! i heard that some of the barnyard noises were recorded at animal place in vacaville, ca! i can’t wait to see this.

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