hot cocoa

you know, it’s weird. i love chocolate. A LOT. i eat chocolate on probably 99% of my days. and yet, i just can’t get fully on board the hot cocoa train.

i drank hot cocoa as a child, as a special treat on snowy days, or if we went ice skating, and i remember liking it back then… but somewhere along the line, it just lost its appeal. it always sounds good, but then when i actually drink it i’m pretty meh about the whole experience. it leaves kind of a gritty texture in my mouth, and i usually wonder why i bothered to make it for myself.

as a result, i have tons of hot cocoa mix in my house just sitting around being unappreciated. i get it as gifts sometimes (and i totally understand why someone would get that for me: i hate "grownup drinks" like coffee or tea, but i love chocolate. makes sense.), and i usually end up making one cup and then neglecting the rest of it for ages. i always feel guilty about it, too. like it’s somehow my duty to love hot cocoa. the guilt is so strong that i buy hot cocoa for myself sometimes, as if i can will myself to like it. you just need to find the right one, i seem to be telling myself.

right now i have a giant canister of godiva cocoa mix (a gift from my mom’s office; she didn’t want it), a small canister of green & black’s maya gold cocoa mix, and a bunch of individual packets from ghirardelli. i haven’t cracked open the godiva, nor have i tried the green & black’s, but today i made myself a monster mug of double chocolate ghirardelli, because the mean ol’ snowstorm (or was it a snotstorm? you decide!) did in fact hit us pretty hard, and we had to shovel out today. i felt like i needed a "warm up drink," and i was out of chai, so i decided to make cocoa. verdict, once again? meh.

somehow this makes me sad. i think what i need to do is find someone who really hearts hot cocoa, and just make their day by showering them with mixes.

i will admit to liking mexican chocolate a bit more than hot cocoa. i have some tablets of abuelita and an enormous canister of ibarra in my pantry alongside the oodles of cocoa mix, and i favor those. maybe i consider them more exotic, or the slightly-spicy element reminds me somewhat of chai? i’m not sure. regardless, i would gladly drink chai every day of my life, and i drink hot cocoa about once every other year. mexican chocolate maybe a couple times per year. i hope the chocolate club doesn’t kick me out.



  1. I love hot cocoa, but since going vegan I haven’t been able to find a suitable mix/recipe. None of them satisfy my hot cocoa cravings the way the gross milk stuff did. I have that maya gold mix – it’s not great. I love the chocolate bar, but the mix isn’t very chocolatey at all. At least I didn’t think so. Le sigh.

  2. I love hot chocolate, I think I always will. I make it with almond milk, which probably makes no difference! But I thought of you last night when I was making my cocoa. Actually, it went like this – I read your post yesterday at work, and was reminded that I had recently bought an interesting sounding hot chocolate mix. I actually thought it was the maya gold, but when I got home it turned out to be dagoba’s xocatil or whatever it is with the chilis. You might actually like this one – it is very different from most hot chocolates! Spicy. It makes me goofy. lol.
    But I also recently tested a friend’s recipe for hot chocolate, which was seriously rich and decadent and had the main ingredient of chocolate…as in, from a chocolate bar, which you melt on the stove. (or, I suppose, in a microwave if you have one of those! I don’t have room for one in my kitchen.) I’m not sure you’d like even this one, but it would certainly not be gritty! 🙂

  3. hey, thanks for the ideas, deb!
    om–you’re right. i totally will regift. i don’t want to throw it all away, so i’ll just find someone who will love it. 🙂
    amanda, i’m going to send you a link to a recipe one of my pals has been working on!

  4. the only time i love hot chocolate is when i’m dipping peanut butter toast slices (aka “soldiers”) into it. that shit is the goodiest (prolly because it’s something that reminds me of being a kid with my dad).
    other than that, i say ‘meh’ to hot cocoa. i find it too sweet.

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