sometimes i really love people

you know, i get very used to reading horrible stories about mean things that people do to animals. and the more i read those stories, the more i just really hate people sometimes. but every now and again, something happens that truly moves me, and i can usually see it coming a mile away.

last night the teaser for the 10pm news said, "local rescue teams pull a struggling deer out of a frozen lake!" and they showed a very brief glimpse of the rescue. the story hadn’t even started yet, and i was completely hooked. i immediately announced to my husband and our friend blee (in town for a few days), "oh my god. i’m telling you right now, i’m going to cry."

i waited for the story, and it was basically this (excerpted from our local newspaper):

The Slinger Fire Department’s dive rescue team pulled a white-tailed
buck from the frigid waters of Big Cedar Lake on Tuesday after the deer
fell through thin ice.

It took more than 90 minutes to lasso the struggling deer’s antlers and pull the animal to shore.

Members of the team then spent more than an hour reviving the deer. The animal was in the water for at least two hours.

By the time he was pulled from the lake, the buck’s rear legs were too
weak to support him. Firefighters took the animal to a farm in the
Slinger area Tuesday night, where it was to be kept warm and fed.

"The deer seemed to be gaining strength," said Steve Packee, a dive
rescue team member. "We hope that it will be able to go on its own


The buck repeatedly attempted to get its front legs up onto the ice and
pull itself out of the water, said John Stern, a lake resident and
Washington County supervisor who was able to watch the drama with the
aid of binoculars from his home.

The rescue team inflated a rubber boat, and team members John Mallek and Brad Schaefer were able to lasso the deer.

"It’s a life, and we’re here to try to save lives," Packee said about
why the team did the rescue. Some of the rescue team members also went
deer hunting recently.

"A week or two ago, they were trying to kill a deer, and now they’re trying to save one," Packee said.


okay, so yes, it’s really annoying that what is very definitely a boy deer (since they call him a buck a bunch of times) is referred to as "it" throughout the article.

and yes, it’s really quite strange to think about the fact that several deer hunters were in on this rescue. but that’s also kind of the beauty of it, to me. it gives me hope that EVERYONE is reachable. the fact that people saw
this poor guy struggling and they called for help is awesome. i love that! i want more of that!

and watching the footage was amazing. all of these big burly guys, doing absolutely everything they could think of to help free this poor deer. they were freezing cold, but they didn’t care. they wanted that deer safe, and they worked for hours to help him. all these guys getting mushy over the deer and being so excited to have
helped! and i totally started crying when i saw them all
huddled around him on the ice, rubbing him to help warm him up,
comforting him, covering him with blankets and surrounding him with propane heaters, caring for him. it was really really moving.

so today: i love people!



  1. Aw, I would have cried too. I’m pretty firmly in the “I hate people” camp, but every now and then people can surprise you. I do hope Mr. Frosty McBuckington (I feel this famous deer deserves a name) makes a full recovery.

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